Friday, May 10, 2013

And The Water Flows

 Hocus Pocus....and the water flows.  Last night we cleaned the creek of leaves and debris, flipped the switch and let the water run.

 Teddy came down and looked at the upper pond.

 Oh wow mama....this looks good.

 Yes Yes water is back!

 It tastes so good.

 The middle pond.

 The lower, largest pond.  See that black box?  It is usually covered with a rock.  This is where the automatic water feed and the pump is.  It pumps the water from the lower pond all the way up to the top pond and then it flows back down again.

 Just as the sun came up this morning, I planted these okra and peppers.  I love fresh okra!

 We are supposed to get big storms today.  We desperately need rain but I sure hope we don't get the hail they are predicting.

 I picked a big basket of chard this morning and made greens/beans and sausage with it and took it to the shelter.

The fish are very happy to have their waterfall working.  It also sounds wonderful.