Friday, July 12, 2013

After The Rains

 We headed to the lower gardens early yesterday to check out the damage done from the very heavy rains.  The lower pond was overflowing.

 It flooded out onto the patio.

 The vegetables loved the rain.

 The corn did not fair too well.

 It did not stop Teddy from self medicating.

 She took a little bite here.


 She did her best goat imitation.

 Just a little off the edges.

 Blue tongue alert!  Click to enlarge.

 Nibble Nibble makes my tummy feel better and stops the runny poops.

 A large branch of the tomatilla broke but the tomatoes are rapidly ripening.  That's the phone I grew in my garden.

 Enough sunflower eating for today.  Back home she goes.

 Another shot of the Salem Witch Day Lily.

Lots of them are blooming now.
 And the Oakleaf Hydrangeas continue to darken.

Sorry I am so late posting today but google gave me fits!