Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pumpkin Cheese Ball Recipe

I made a couple of these for my daughter's event on Thursday.

You can make any cheese ball mix you like. I made one with cream cheese, grated cheddar, diced shallots, a grated onion and a jar of chutney. I line a small bowl with saran wrap and pack the cheese mixture in it. It gets refrigerated overnight so it is firm. The next day I mix some cream cheese with red and yellow food coloring to get some shades of orange.

Turn the cheese ball out onto a plate.

Cover the cheese ball with the orange cream cheese.

I add some brown food coloring to the cream cheese and spray the ball with cooking spray. Then you can mold the cream cheese to have 'pumpkin bumps' and smooth out the cheese. Add a bit of the brown cheese and make streaks to resemble a real pumpkin.

Carve the stem part of broccoli and press it in as the stem of the pumpkin.

You can use the broccoli leaves as pumpkin leaves. Use a flat spatula to move the pumpkin to your serving platter when it is time to serve. Serve it with crackers or bread. She is serving this with the rosemary bread that I made.