Friday, January 16, 2015


 I was asked yesterday just what I do at my craft table.  Well, it could be anything.  I tend to pop from one craft to another so it's usually whatever interests me at any given moment.  I've made garden totems, Halloween decorations, wreaths, costumes....I can't even remember most of it because I tend to give everything away.  At the moment I am working towards making these little witches.

 I used to make lots of elaborate cards.

 I collected vintage postcards and then designed cards around them.

 One year I took all the Christmas cards people sent me the year before, turned them into homemade cards and gave them back to the senders, like this one above.

 Little kids really enjoy these cards too.

 They were always popular for Valentines Day too.

 I don't make these anymore.

Once I do a craft for a while, I lose enthusiasm for it and move on to the next one.
 So now I am gathering lots of felt and embroidery thread.

And practicing my stitches by making wonky little hearts until I get good enough to sew the little witches.