Tuesday, May 10, 2016

How Does Your Garden grow?

 Just a couple weeks ago my lower gardens looked like this.

Here it is this morning. Everything in these gardens are perennials.
 Nothing like a bit of rain to wake up all things green.  We have been so dry that the ground is just soaking this up.

 I have many containers planted with vegetables and herbs.

 This was hours ago and she still hasn't moved.  She doesn't want to get her paws wet.

 I've harvested arugula and radishes from the bed on the right.

 Though the plants are looking healthy, I need sun for them to grow.  I expect that the first sunny day will make a big difference.

 Seedlings awaiting to be relocated.

 We've been working on this garden room.  We are going to pull up the grass and put down new turf.

These lamps come on just before 3:00 am to greet Teddy and I when we go outside.