Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween for the After School Kids

There is no trick or treating in the town where the after school program is.  It's too dangerous of an area with too many abandoned houses.  I wanted to make sure the kids had a memorable day so I made some scary food. 
 These are meatloaves shaped like monster hands.  The nails and wrist bone are made with onions.

 I served them on tasty mashed potatoes.

 And I made lots of rolls.

 And a ton of candy treat bags.

 But this guy was the hit of the day.

 A meat and cheese platter on a skeleton.  Olives for eyes and a butterfly in his mouth.

Ham rolled up for ribs and slices of meatloaf for the abdomen. There was turkey and roast beef too.
 Dates for poop.  I like to play with my food.

 Accoutrements to go with it.  I included a tub of my Shiver (liver) Pate' too.

The kids were equally fascinated and grossed out by him.  That was my intended ghoul!  I had a blast cooking yesterday!