Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Not Done With the Country Living Fair Yet!

By the time I am done you will feel like you've been there! But think of all the money I saved you. I love signs and this woman always has the best ones.

I don't know if this woman has an online store but you should google her or the name of her company, Not So Common Folk Art, and see her work. Everything here is made from reproductions of her original paintings.

This is another of my favorite booths.

How cool is it that they set up that old buffet to display things on?

This is some of what she offers on the inside.

And this was a cute addition to the fair. She sells objects to make fairy gardens.

Click to enlarge. These would be too cute to have for a little kid.

She sells trellises, arbors, fairies, fences, benches, etc..

Nice bird houses.

Gourd Jack O' Lanterns that make me smile.

I bought one of these baskets to fill with evergreens to hang on my front door for Christmas.

Black cat chair.

I have days like this.

Someone was not fair enthusiastic!

The broom guy. I actually managed to not buy a broom this year. I think I have at least one broom in every room. I'm a poet and didn't know it.

I love this chair done in leather and wool.

And these lampshades are in my future. Just when I thought I was out of my lampshade faze now I have a new project in store for me.

Finally I've found a way to use up all of that trim.

And I LOVE this chair too.

Someone decorated their cart. I don't think I have ever seen a Jack O' Lantern with the teeth sticking up.

More squash art.

An antique carriage on the green.

Another cute display.

This is such a good place to get your Fall on.

I like how they decorated the fence with gourds and corn.

What a great way to use and old dresser mirror. They painted it with chalkboard paint and now it is a decorative chalkboard. Great re-purposing.

Click for a closer look at this decoration. They rolled up book pages into cones and glued them together and then just cut out those two middle disks and added 'spooky' to it and made a great Halloween decoration.

Uh Blog Tech....maybe you should help the girl carry those big boxes instead of taking pics of her carrying the big boxes?

She smiled at you anyway.

Who knew?

More fair tomorrow.