Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Fair in the Woods

 On a cold and rainy Autumn day, we went to a fair in the woods at a really wonderful farm.

 We went to one here in June.  They hold two each year and I doubt that I will miss any of them.

 The tents are set up under the trees.


 Fabric pumpkins.

 For several years I have been looking for something and I found it at this booth. 

 You could take a carriage ride through the fields.

 A honey booth.

 What a cute name.

 George and Floyd's hot sauce.  It's really good!

 This woman had some really nice things.  The set of yellow ware bowls (6 of them) was 100.00 and she said she would negotiate. I passed but I bet someone scooped them up.

 The pond.


 The farm was beautifully decorated.

 Bittersweet for sale.

 The side entrance to the farmhouse.

 A place to warmup.

 The driveway.

Their vintage truck.
I bought these two greenware planters which match my green bowl collection.  They are in perfect condition and were 8.00.
The Blog Tech bought this pristine microphone from the 50's.  It appears to have never been used.
This was my big find.  I have been looking for faceted prisms at a good price for the last few years.   These are old lead crystal and they sure do shine.  I got about 350 of them for 100.00.  A very good deal.  In a few weeks, I'll show you how I am going to use them.