Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Baking Bread with Whey

 I have a bad habit, I frequent way too many Amish markets.  And I always come away with sausages and cheese.  There is something about these markets that I find irresistible.  I realized the other day that I needed to do something with my stash.  So, I made a meat and cheese tray for the kids at the community center.

I had just made some cheese and had a big jar of whey so I decided to bake them some bread as well.  You can use whey as a substitute for the liquid in any bread recipe.
 I made a honey whole wheat dough.

 It made very nice loaves.

I sliced them and wrapped them and put them on the cracker/pretzel platter I took to the kids.  I took along a couple jars of peanut butter figuring that there would be some kids that wouldn't touch the meat and cheese platter with a 10 foot pole. Everything ended up being eaten!  Those kids sure are hungry.