Monday, January 24, 2011

A Day Off

Teddy said she thinks she should be the star of today's post because she has been overlooked on here lately.

I had a very busy weekend cooking for the gang.

I had to stock my kids refrigerators since they were low on food.

Their friends were hungry too and asked to send some their way as well. So today I am taking the day off. Not one bit of food will be prepared here today. Well, except for Teddy's. I never take a day off from taking care of the pup!

Teddy listening to something. Radar ears.

Ears back to normal.

Teddy with a smile on her face.

Teddy telling me it is time to feed her. She is sitting just below the burner I cook her food on.

Teddy listening to something to her right. I wish I could turn my ears independent of each other. Actually, I wish I could move my ears any way at all.

Teddy always keeps an eye on her mama. When she walks ahead of me she turns around every 15 seconds to make sure I am still behind her.

Teddy hopes you liked seeing some pics of her today while her mama does nothing!