Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Welcome to Stockbridge

This is a town we really love and we always stop here on the way home from our New England trip.

Welcome to the Berkshires too!

They had some snow before we arrived.

Downtown Stockbridge.

This is the home to Tanglewood.

And to Norman Rockwell. A lot of his works portray this town.

Fallen leaves covered everything.

Teddy loves this town too.

She can't wait to get out and check out the town.

When was the last time you saw a pay phone? A relic from the past.

The shops look like they should be on a postcard...and they are. They also appear in Rockwell paintings.

Little cafes and shops are tucked away on back allies.

And the famous Red Lion Inn is decorated for fall. Click to enlarge.

Giant pumpkins make me very happy.

They must have used a BobCat to bring these in.

No squirrels dared to eat the town pumpkins.

It looks like the lion might take a bite.

You can spend the night here or just have lunch or dinner.

This is a very busy place in the summer.

Fall specialties are served everywhere.

Ghosts dance around the tree in front of the library.

And this house is for sale right on Main Street.

What is lurking behind the house's evergreen?

I see something fluffy back there.

It's Teddy.

She wants to buy this house and live here. This is her kind of town!