Friday, December 2, 2011

Tudor Nights in Washington, D.C.

Hello! This is the Blog Tech with a guest post from Washington, D.C. Frequent readers may remember that my sister works at Tudor Place, a historic house and garden in the Georgetown area of Washington, D.C. My sister plans events called Tudor Nights, wherein they open the house and gardens for a few hours in the evening and serve food and drink. My mothers helps my sister out by making awesome food selections, and I help her and my mother out by transporting them there and then taking photos of the event. My girlfriend Lara also comes along and helps serve food or prepare trays as well. Last night was the Tudor Nights Christmas event, and I shall now share with all of you my photos and recollections.
This is the menu for last night's event. In addition to the savory foods, my mother made plum pudding with hard sauce (you can see my sister placing the plum puddings on a tray in the first photo), and my sister made delectable red cake and icing truffles, as well as Yum-Yummies. What is a Yum-Yummy, you ask? It's a family tradition to make them at Christmas time, so you shall find out in the next few weeks. Their awesomeness is too extensive to get into here.
You may notice that these photos are looking a little more "artful" than one might expect. That's because my camera broke! Never having had a problem before, it threw me a serious curve ball last night when it wouldn't read or format the flash cards used for storing photos. As it turns out, one of the little flash card pin thingies got bent. Here is a picture I found of the offending flash card pin. That little centimeter of metal almost ruined everything! Technology sure can be rough.
Fortunately, someone at the event had this little camcorder that can also take still photographs, and so all was not lost. here is a picture of Lara preparing little cups of stuffing, turkey, gravy and cranberry relish.
Another shot of the dessert table.
Plum Pudding with Hard Sauce. Don't eat these and try to drive somewhere. That hard sauce is like 80 proof.
Vegetables, pieces of rosemary bread with cranberry cream cheese spread, and pieces of another kind of bread with pate and gherkins.
People eating the food!
The exterior of the Tudor guest house where the food was served.
The exterior of the actual Tudor house in full-on festive mode.
The Tudor house again.
A shot of the Tudor house Christmas tree.

After taking the exterior photos, I went back inside to find that the food was being quickly devoured.
Here is my sister getting ready to make her way through a throng of people.
Another Christmas tree from the interior of the Tudor House. The event went great, and today Lara and I are looking forward to exploring Washington, D.C. before getting dinner with my sister. Tomorrow I shall post more photos from the event showing the interior of the Tudor house. Thanks for reading, and I hope these photos have given you the Christmas spirit as they have done to me!