Friday, July 6, 2012


 Here are some shots of the fireworks that were set off in front of my house on the 4th.  Just in case you didn't get to see any on Wednesday or if you happened to be in San Diego, haha!

 The Blog Tech took these.  I never actually saw them.

 When you get up at 4:00am, staying up until the sun goes down to see these is not an option.

 Plus this city loves fireworks and sets them off at the drop of a hat.

 I am not a big fan of watching noisy things explode so I gladly slept through them.
 Unlike my last chow, Teddy is not fazed by them.

 So we sleep peacefully as this goes on right in front of my bedroom window.

 I did spend the entire next morning cleaning beer bottles out of my yard.

I would like to say that it will be another year until this happens again.  Unfortunately, it will probably happen again this Saturday night.