Sunday, February 26, 2017

Ridiculous Food

 Here is the rest of the food I made for the Ridiculous Food birthday party.  A shit cake complete with corn.  I wish I had plastic flies but I was completely out of them.  Don't worry, no real shit was used in the making of this cake.  It's a double chocolate cake covered in ganache.  Click any pic for a closer look.

 This is an old fashioned shrimp mold recipe made with gelatin.  My kids didn't want to try it but when they did, they loved it.

 This was quite a hit.  It's a taco flavored cheese ball formed into a face with a mozzarella cheese towels wrap and covered in guacamole.

*To make the bunny racers I posted yesterday, use Twinkies.  Attach small cookies (tires) to them using toothpicks as axles.  Cut a section out of the center, add a bunny Peep and a chocolate covered pretzel  steering wheel.