Sunday, February 15, 2015

Kurentovanje 2015 and a Winter Storm

 We headed out early on Saturday to go to Cleveland for the Kurentovanje Festival which we attended for the first time last year.  The weather forecast was for 28 degrees and an inch of snow.
By the time we reached Cleveland, we couldn't see the exit ramps on the road.

 The street lights were coated so you couldn't see the colors.  The temps had dropped 15 degrees in just one hour and the wind was whipping off the lake.

 In situations like this it is always smart to drive behind a salt truck!

 We arrived to find people in a very festive mood despite the weather.

 The hall was set up with vendors selling all sorts of wares.

 A mural of Slovenia hangs on the stage.

 The hot sauce this guy was selling set his hair on fire.

 This little girl, dressed in Slovenian garb, was dancing her heart out.  Click on any of these to enlarge.

 A taste of Slovenia for sale.

This food truck was parked outside.  I didn't buy any manna.  I'll show more tomorrow. I have many many photos to sort through.