Friday, September 3, 2010

Thrift Finds

I haven't been thrifting much lately but I went this morning and I found some very good deals.
This brand new gold satin lampshade was $1.99. The two grapevine wreaths were .49 cents each.

This cute little maple syrup pitcher was 99 cents.

A sterling silver serving fork for 39 cents.

These will decorate something for Halloween for 25 cents.

This did not photograph well but when I am done with it, it is going to be gorgeous. What a lamp! And it is old. $4.99!

This will be really cute when I clean it and dress it up. $2.49!

This is going to be fun to fix up. It really only needs to be cleaned and it was $5.99.

These two brass lamps are Stiffel, heavy and the pair cost $5.95!!! Great deal!

Who is pricing these things?

These to tables were 2 for $3.95! They are going to be made into Halloween props.

And cute turkey S & P's for 99 cents.