Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Festival

 There were wonderful hand carved wooden spoons.

 But they won't take children or scalps in trade.  Click for a closer look.

 Apple cider being made.

 Beautiful handmade boxes.


 Hand churned ice cream made with local cream.
Have you ever had cornmeal mush or scrapple?  You don't know what you are missing?  Princess Grace used to fly back to the states just to eat scrapple.
Corn on the cob being boiled.

 End of the season gardens.

 I love the displays they have all over the grounds.

 Such a  great way to decorate.  So simple but very festive.

 A bee hive oven.

 This is when I really miss The Blog Tech.  He would have SO stuck his face in these for me!

 These guys are splitting rails to build this fence.  Once this type of fence is put in place, the bottom will be filled with field stones.  They call this a cow high, pig low fence.  Cows can't get over it and pigs can't get under it.

 There were lots of Amish and Mennonites attending the fair. They still do all of these things the same way they're being demonstrated.

 At first this was a bit unnerving.

 Until you realize they are not breathing.

 They blend into the woods very well.

Put in place by this trapper.
These gourds were really terrific. I wanted the black one with the oak leaves on the middle shelf but I was on a quest for something else.
You could take a hay ride out into the fields.

 This is what I was after.  This is a barn star made out of PVC.  Look at the artistry that went into this. I saw these last year when I was here and I thought about it all year and was determined to buy one.  Score! Now I need a barn.