Saturday, September 8, 2012

Football Food.....Beef and Cheese sandwiches

 If you are looking for football food recipes, this is a crowd pleaser.  And so easy to make too.

 I continue to experiment with recipes in the slow cooker.  This one is perfect because you can put it together before you go to bed and it is ready when you wake up.  Place a beef roast in your slow cooker on top of a couple of large sliced onions.  Add a bunch of diced celery and lots of diced garlic.

 Add a can of beef consomme'.

 And a can of french onion soup.

 Add a tub of beef stock concentrate.

 Add beef stock until the roast is almost covered.

 I made a bouquet garni with lots of fresh garden herbs. Sprinkle the roast with salt and pepper.  Cover and set your cooker to low and let it cook overnight or about 10 hours.  In the morning, remove the roast to a cutting board. 

 Make a paste using butter and flour.

 Pour the liquid into a heavy pot and bring to a low boil.  Add the flour paste and let it cook until it begins to thicken.

 Slice the roast very thin.

 Return it to the gravy.

 Keep it warm at a simmer.

 Split some buns and put slices of cheddar on one side and provolone or your cheese of choice on the other side.  Broil until melted.  The cheese keeps the buns from getting soggy when you add the meat.

The meat soaks up the gravy and is very flavorful.  Enjoy!