Friday, February 14, 2014

More of the Mountain Trip

 I want to show you more of what it looks like up in the mountains.  It is such a gorgeous place.

 We saw the Do Not Enter sign and just had to check it out!

 There are lots of these private drives all over the mountain sides.

Click for a closer look.  Most of the really big houses look like this one.
 There are trout streams throughout the forest.

 A lot of these places look like they belong in an Andrew Wyeth painting.

 This home is right across from a steeple chase course.

 Barns everywhere because it is horse country.

 A windmill.  I am guessing this is a water pump.

 Click for a closer look.  This is a rare entrance to see in this area since it is very Western. Most places have a Hunt Country look.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! I am getting ready for two more snow storms!