Tuesday, August 26, 2014


 This is a sure sign that Fall is close.  The tree peony pods have opened.

 They look like they should be edible.

 Someone asked about Teddy yesterday.  I guess I haven't had her on the blog recently.  So, I went out this morning and asked her if she wanted to be on it today.

 She did not seem too excited about it.

 I almost got her to look at me.

 Then she immediately looked away.  This is typical chow behavior, they are very aloof. 

 But then I mentioned that a treat might be involved.  She jumped up so fast that she is a bit of a blur.

 She still holds her paw up like this when she is standing still.  She does not seem bothered by it at all when she runs or walks.

 The treat word sure got her attention.  She is watching me get her treat in the garden room.

 Watching the treat coming towards her.

 Patience and anticipation.

 The treat.

 Making sure she has a tight grip on it.

 Making the getaway.

 She will not eat a treat in front of anyone.  She needs treat privacy.

And there she goes.  I think she is afraid someone might try to take it from her.  Believe me, that someone would have to have a death wish!