Friday, March 31, 2017

Cooking for the Kids

 A couple months ago, The Blog Tech took another job in a town not far from where he was working to open another after school program.  I now cook for both.  I'm not complaining since these programs are probably gone after this term due to that wonderful new administration that is so concerned about helping the little guys. I am just happy to be still feeding them right now.  Feeding 50 people is a lot trickier than feeding the less than 20 that were there when I started this several years ago. Here is some of the food I made over this last week.  Above is poblano mac and cheese which I seriously think the kids would eat every single day if they could.

 Egg roll bowl is another favorite.  I love making this for them because it is filled with vegetables.  This batch had 4 whole heads of cabbage in it.

 And they really love meat and cheese platters.  I always send these with crackers or rolls so they can make sandwiches with them if they want. I made a small one for the smaller group.

And a huge one for the original group.                                                                                                                             
 Soup making season is coming to an end but I made them wedding soup one last time.

 Taco pasta is a good meal. It gets served with Fritos sprinkled on top.  Kids love Fritos!  Heck, they love pasta and they love tacos so mixing the two together is a real treat.  A week in the life of the after school kids!

Here is another shot of my Fall Flowering Cherry tree. It flowers now and then again each Fall.