Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween 2013

I will be carving these babies later today.  Hard to believe Halloween is tomorrow.  Since I start preparing for this on July 5th, I am almost ready to let it go.
 I have my baked brain ready to cook.  It's a round of brie, cut in half and stuffed with sauteed onion, garlic and peppers, wrapped in puff pastry and painted with egg yolks dyed with food coloring.  It bakes at 400 degrees until it puffs.  Cut into it with a big knife and the 'brain' oozes out.  Serve it on crackers.

 The witches are all ready to fly.

 Indian corn.

 Lots of these decorations will last until Thanksgiving so it is not all over after tomorrow.

 An antique porcelain candle snuffer for putting the lights out on the Jack O' Lanterns.

 Does anyone have a pumpkin this big?

 I made pumpkin cinnamon buns.

 And topped them with maple icing.

 Teddy and I are enjoying the Fall gardens.

 And the last of the leaves turning.

We have had a wonderful Fall this year.