Monday, April 4, 2011

Teddy on the Playground

Obviously by now you know how much Teddy likes to roll in her favorite places.

Padded playground areas are one of her favorites.

She looks like a hair ball with feet.

With the extended leash in this pic she looks like a deflated balloon.

Yeah!!!! Time for rubs dada.

This is a continuation of the other two Teddy rolling posts. This is what happens at the park every single day.

Though Teddy does not interact with other animals or people, she does enjoy watching them. As you can see, dada is armed for his daily trip to the park. His newspaper is in his rear pocket and the green bag holds his empty Starbucks cup. He carries it in his empty newspaper bag. This is his pooper scooper invention. He poop scoops with the Starbucks cup, covers it with the lid and drops it in the empty newspaper bag. Then he ties the bag in a knot and it goes odorlessly into the garbage.

It makes Teddy happy to never leave poos in her park. Chow chows are very neat pups.

She sure loves her dada.

Oh no....time to go home. Teddy always leaves her park very reluctantly.

The pup-mobile. This is her mobile kennel. The rear of the car is her sacred space.