Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Blog Tech and Santa

 I got an early Xmas present yesterday.  Every since my kids were little, I always asked them to take pics with Santa for me. During their teenage years it was a struggle but The Blog Tech always came through.

 In 2004, he really went for it.

 He visited every Santa in the area.

 He didn't quite sit on their laps because that just would have been weird.

 Not that it wasn't weird.  I'm pretty sure people grabbed their kids and held them tight and walked circles around him.

 Occasionally he got his sister to join in.

 But he persisted.

 Sometimes he looked like Santa's auditor.

But Santa and I both gave him the hugs he deserved.  What a guy!  Hey Blog can get off the Santa hook if you give me a grandchild!