Friday, August 24, 2012

End Of Summer 2012

*  Tomorrow is Kary's memorial for those of you who wanted to light a candle and send good energy to her husband.  He invited only family and her best friend Julie.  He invited me and my husband but since Teddy would not let anyone else watch her, we could not go. The family will be arriving at 2:00 and the memorial time is set for 4:00 Pacific Time.  I will be lighting a candle and sending lots of energy to John and hope that the Bad Ones don't crash the service. I sure miss her.

 Though the weather does not indicate it, summer is winding down here.  Please someone, send me some cool weather.

 Teddy wants cool weather too.  She is more fed up with this heat than I am.

 My mini Alpines sure don't know they are supposed to be mini.

 Almost time to close the pool.  I keep saying that but now I really mean it.

 Thanks to a sprinkler system, my grass is not brown.

 This is Teddy talking to me.

 I know exactly what she wants too.  Isn't it funny how our pets talk to us?

 I cut these hydrangeas way back just a short while ago and they have already put out all of these new leaves.

 The back flower bed.  I am anxious to see what comes back in these beds next year.

 My little potted garden continues to grow though it is looking like it is low on nutrients. 

 I am still getting Itchiban eggplants.

 And look at the crazy lemongrass and peppers.  They sure liked growing together this year.

You need to click to enlarge this but this is what Teddy wanted me to do.  Take her down to the lower gardens.  Our little daily ritual!