Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Loot From Zoar

 I brought back lots of goodies from our trip to Zoar.  There were farm stands along the way and I stopped at all of them.

 I already turned these beauties into jam.

 Sweet onions in white and red.

 I am going to stick these under my zucchini plants.  Maybe they will get the hint!

 I am making zucchini/corn chowder for the shelter tomorrow.

 We stopped at the Fiesta Ware outlet and I bought these pitchers for 8.00.  They don't take up too much room in the refrigerator.

 We were in Amish country.

 Where there are Amish, there is candy.

 One of the houses in Zoar had a yard sale going on and had fabulous prices.  I bought this antique wooden hay fork for 9.00.  It is very sturdy and in great shape.

 This piece was 4.00 and is very well made.  I might hang it in my potting shed.

 These photos are out of order.  I bought this from a broom maker at the festival.  A turkey tail broom.  These are most often used to clean a hearth.

 A colorful whisk broom.

 I always stock up on shagbark syrup when I am there.  This stuff is fantastic.

 This year, the man that makes it had lots of new flavors.  Jalapeno syrup will be wonderful on corncakes.

 And I will use the habanero syrup as a glaze on shrimp.

 Maple walnut syrup to top ice cream for my guys.

 And the best, pumpkin syrup!  Pumpkin pancakes are going to be made here very soon.

 And look at these brooms.  The broom maker was selling the big ones for 9.00 each.

 Perfect Fall colors.

 I bought a child's broom to keep in my kitchen.

 Here is another item I bought at the yard sale.  This is a vintage harvest basket.  A cane with a pointy base goes right through the middle of it.  You stick this in the ground to support the basket while you are harvesting.

 It's bound with leather.

And it has a pin that keeps it from sliding.
And the best part, it was 1.00...unbelievable!

This herb dryer was 4.00.

I really got excited about these old house shutters.  They were 2.00 each.  I am not sure what I will do with these yet but at 2.00, I could not pass them up.  And the louvers work perfectly on them too.