Monday, August 5, 2013

Crafts and Antiques at Zoar

 There were not as many exhibitors at Zoar this year.  I guess it is the economy.  I was hoping to see some of my favorite vendors from the past but many were not there.

 So true.

 Fields of corn surrounded the event.

 A long line formed, waiting to enter the antique tent.

 The prices were high.

 I heard someone say that the antique tent opens to vendors before the general public is permitted to enter.

 The vendors actually buy from each other.

 Then they mark up merchandise to sell to the public.  Sort of stupid I think.  The yellow ware biscuit jar on the second shelf was priced at 450.00.  Good luck selling that.

 I am spoiled by ebay I guess.  I am not paying antique show prices for items any longer.

 I wanted this wagon in the worst way!  but at 2400.00, no way!

 This was the only Halloween I saw.

 After the antique tent, we strolled through the town.

 Beautiful perennial gardens everywhere.

 This is the entrance to the community garden.

 Click for a closer look.


Tomorrow I will show you the treasures I came home with.