Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentine's Day

 Some Valentine's presents wrapped and ready to send.

This is not for Valentine's Day.  This is just a big banana pudding I made for the kids at the center for later today.
I have been working on my stitching and it is driving me a bit crazy.  I am learning that this is much more difficult than I thought it would be.  The pink box is there just so I could prop it up to take a pic.
One little stitch that is not quite right or one bead out of place just the tiniest bit throws the whole thing off.
I improve slightly with each one I make but I am starting to wonder why I am even doing this.

This is the most recent one I made and you can see a bit of improvement but still many mistakes. 

I saw this on pinterest and bought this shoe holder to store my paper towels.

And I just thought I would pass this on....Michael's is having some really big sales right now.  I got these cute boxes for 2.00 each.  They provide great storage in my craft area.

And these chargers are 99 cents each.  I am going to serve the kids Valentine's Day treats on them. That's all I have for today...things are pretty boring here!