Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Farm Tour

 The Blog Tech and I left early on Saturday morning to go on a farm tour.  It was 40 degrees and pouring rain.  You can see that the leaves are just beginning to change.

 We went to our favorite farm first.

 I want this place.

 This fire was very welcoming because it was COLD!!!

 What a wonderful way to convert a tree stump into art.

 And when you have a tree limb like this you just have to use it.

I felt bad for the vendors. They were all freezing.
What a wonderful barn.  We didn't last long because we were soaked and freezing.  The farm tour was aborted.
 On the plus side, we found this market on our way home.

 They gave their pumpkins and gourds the cutest names.

 Pumpkin heaven.

 They had a bumper year of peppers too.  They still have fields of them growing. What a wonderful stone farmhouse in the background.

 We saw lots of nicely decorated farms as we drove through the countryside.

 And we saw some scary stuff too.

We stopped at a smoke house.

 And we just had to try the Burger King Halloween whopper.  It's not very good and it turned our teeth black.  We threw it out after we each took a bite.