Monday, May 12, 2014


 The Blog Tech and I headed out really early on Saturday morning for what we hoped to be a really fun festival.

 We were quite surprised to see how little Spring has come to the mountains.  They still looked like winter.

 We passed many dairy farms. This one has a sign on the side of the barn that reads...Drink Milk.

 After 4 hours of driving, we reached our destination....Dillsburg.  And, of course, they were holding a Dillfest.  Supposedly, all things having to do with pickles.  I am a pickle addict so I was very excited.

 The town was cute and held promise.

There were beautiful flowering trees everywhere.

 Then I caught sight of the bouncy house.  No good festival ever has bouncy houses.

Not giving up hope, I was happy to see that the local high school had a steel drum band.  Interesting!
 The firemen had their gear on display.

 Alas, this was the only dill offering at what turned out to be a block long garage sale.  What can I say?  You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.  This festival was a real downer. The Blog Tech was so disappointed that they had no pickle ice cream as advertised.

 Even the town pickle was disappointing. He is missing a hand and is in dire need of a new paint job.  I mean really, you can't paint your pickle for a dillfest?

 We left the "festival" and walked around a bit.  There were some really cute houses in the town.

 You know you are in farm country when you pass one of these on the main street.

 This is one festival we can scratch off our list.

 We passed some really nice barns and farms on the way home and I will show them tomorrow.

And yes, I came home with a jar of Dickie's Dills which, in some way, describes the whole experience.  How much do you want to bet they suck?