Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Vegetable Barley Soup

 I finally delivered the vegetable barley soup to the shelter yesterday.  This soup ended up being very complicated.  Though the vegetable stock had a wonderful flavor, I had to add water to it to increase the volume which, of course, diluted the flavor.  I ended up adding beef bouillon, Maggi, Vegeta and some tomato juice to add flavor.  I am not even sure what all I added but it turned out being very good with lots of flavor.

 I made upwards of 200 of these cheddar bay biscuits again.  I could make these and the cornbread every day and the shelter guys would never get tired of it.  As soon as I walk in and they smell these, they all come running.  The power of food!

This soup just screams for some fresh parsley but I was out.  I don't think the guys will even notice.  I am going to be making them a Valentine's treat and will post it as I go along.