Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Gardens

Anyone have any dead bodies you need to get rid of? Now would be the time! Well, the beds are gone and the spots have been reseeded. Now can I get a bit of rain? We haven't had rain here in weeks and weeks and none is on the horizon.

Here is Teddy laying under the umbrella on a cool spot on the patio. She has her left foot sticking out for a quick getaway.

Hey Teddy.....want to go feed the fish? This always gets her attention.

She immediately heads to the back gate.

Does the word "jungle" come to mind?

You can hardly see the gazebo. I need a machete, not a set of pruners.

And the Katsuras! they are so dense I could live under them.

Even the lily pads are taking over the ponds.

Teddy makes sure to check every square inch.

The fireplace is ready for some marshmallow toasting.

And look! I have grapes! I hope I get to them before the birds.

My sad raised bed. Normally this would be full of tomatoes and peppers and eggplants and such. Damn stink bugs. I won't know until the end of the summer whether my not planting a garden plan helps with the infestation.

My daughter's front porch. I wish she would move back home! I miss her so much!!!

I love these doors. She has two of them.

Toadflax has replanted itself all over the gardens.

I can't wait for the Fall colors to appear.

The Paper Bark Maples are peeling early this year. Probably due to the lack of rain.

Never plant Beauty Berries unless you never want to get rid of them. They are demon bushes!

I will harvest the lavender after the bees are finished with it.

The upper pond.

Where is my mama?

Oh there you are! Click to see Teddy's smile.

My fairy houses have no more raised beds to guard.

Though Chows never poop in their yard, they will occasionally pee if they absolutely have to. But, they like to pee in the same places. When the dead spots from the beds were reseeded, I reseeded the pee spots too. Teddy was quite surprised.

What is this?

Somebody has been tampering with my pee spots.

I guess I will just have to make some new ones!