Saturday, June 1, 2013

Flowering Vines

 I am still planting.  It's hopeless, I am a plant addict.  I wanted some color in my outdoor dining room so I bought some flowering vines.  This is a climbing Black Eyed Susan.  This will climb to about 8 feet.

 I bought 2 bougainvilleas. Both are red and I hope to train this one up towards my fireplace.

 This is the side door to the guest house.  The 'New Dawn' roses are about to bloom.

 When these doors are open, you can walk from the indoor dining room to the outdoor one.  The big lower pond with a waterfall is just off to the right so the sound is wonderful.  I love it in Fall when we have a fire roaring in the outdoor fireplace and you can hear the water running.

 I am still working on painting the bistro set.  It is taking much more paint than I imagined it would.

 This morning I realized I am painting the stone too.  Goof grief!

 An old red rose blooming amongst the grapes.

 My potting shed is back there in the middle.  It is covered in roses so you can hardly see it.

 There are six different varieties of roses planted there.  I will make sure to take pics of it in total bloom.

 This area has corn and zucchini planted along with red raspberries and another rose.

 The Oak Leaf Hydrangeas are about to bloom.

 The Mock Orange is dropping it's blooms into the upper pond.

 The faithful pup is keeping a close eye on Broomhilde!  And she is waiting for mama.  Nice grass, eh?  More weeds than grass!

 The clematis grows up through the climbing hydrangea.  I always plant different vines together for added interest.

 Further elaboration on my plant addiction, I planted peppers in the planters by my pool.  I see dirt and I plant.

 I planted my lettuces in this raised planter by my back door.  It has worked perfectly.  The lettuce thrives and it is right there for me to pick.

The Japanese Lilac is beginning to open.  And just after I finished watering for two hours this began to rain!!!  Water from the sky...a miracle!