Sunday, May 19, 2013

Papa's Perfect Honey Butter Toast

 When I was a little girl my grandfather, Papa, lived with us.  He was very big on breakfast and he loved honey and butter toast.  To this day I still make it the same way he did and it always reminds me of him. Back in those days most people used margarine but not Papa, he only used butter.

 I made a couple Pullman loaves of bread which are perfect for toast.

 Papa used an old toaster and the bread needed to be removed and turned around to toast both sides.  This is the toaster I use.

 You can watch your bread toasting.

 I toast my bread to medium.

 Then spread on good Italian Parma butter.

 Then I spread it with a good local honey.  You know, it is good to use different local honeys to combat allergies!


 You can see it browning.

Done.  So simple but so very good.