Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Gardens

Yesterday I started cleaning the outdoor sink.  I got these pics out of order but I will show you how bad this area was in after a few more photos.
Teddy and I checked out the lower gardens.  Soon the millstone will be gurgling away.  My faux boi sofa is under that brown tarp.  I am afraid to see the winter damage when I unwrap it.  Does anyone know how to repair faux boi?
I am still waiting for the daffodils to bloom.
That is Teddy back there doing pee pee.  She goes to the most remote areas of the garden and would rather not 'go' in the gardens at all.  Typical chow chow.
Here is the pic of the sink area after I removed the shelves.  One of my shelves needs to be prepared so this project is on hold until I take care of that.

Look at what a mess the gazebo area is.  I need a full day to clean this all out.

Ah ha!  One daffodil has bloomed!

The gargoyle has a head of ivy hair.  Can you find his face?

The hellebore's are blooming.

Teddy is visiting her fish.  She loves the taste of pond water.

Just trying to catch some fish mama!

What do you mean they will not swim into my mouth?

Hey are swimming the wrong way.

Damn!  No sushi today.

The toadflax is starting to grow.

The only ducks that Teddy will not kill.

Chives.  Time for an omelet.



Way back in the corner, Teddy is taking a poo.  She has been known to try to stick her butt outside of the fence. Chows are the neatest of dogs.

I need to do some work on the garden doors.  They are quite dull and one of the handles has fallen off.

An espaliered apple tree.

The Blog tech and I got up early and made four double recipes of jalapeno corn bread.  We took it with 120 pickled eggs, 4 pounds of pickled sausage, a huge vat of baked beans, 12 quarts of cole slaw and pounds of banana pudding and dropped it all off at the shelter.  One of the guys told me he woke up this morning wishing he had some of my cornbread and there it was.