Thursday, April 21, 2011

Teddy Day 3

Hi everyone! My mama is still cooking for the marine so I will be the guest poster today even though I am a bit tired from my morning trip to the park.

I did a lot of walking and hunting which makes me very sleepy.

I think I will take a little nap before I eat.

Mama says she can't believe how loud I snore.

My nap is over and now I am very hungry.

So close but yet so far away.

If I stare at it hard enough maybe some will fall on the floor.

Everyday mama makes me a steak, some chicken and fish.

My food is gone so fast that mama thinks I don't even chew it.

Here is a picture of me napping in my car.

And here is one of me not liking the snow.

This is me on a trip. I get lots of treats when we travel and I am about to get one in this picture. I know my humans can not resist this look.

This is my Boy. I love him a lot. He was on the trip with us.

He always gives me lots of kisses and scratches.

This is me in my gardens.

I like to lay in high places on the cool stone and do guarding.

Mama will be back to doing posts tomorrow! I have to get ready to meet the marine. I know I am tougher than he is!