Sunday, September 4, 2011

Gettysburg and the Horrorfind Festival Day One

Hello everybody, Blog Tech here. In addition to my mother having house guests, her internet connection decided to go on the fritz the very same day I went out of town, so she is effectively off the grid until tomorrow. If anyone is trying to get a hold of her and wondering why she hasn't written back, it's because I am in Gettysburg at the Horrorfind Festival!

Firstly, though, I would like to start with a couple images that I find mildly humorous. These were taken around the town of Gettysburg:

No offense to sufferers of Tourette Syndrome, but I must admit I chortled at the sight of this.
This, though, is just funny to me. I applaud the bravery of someone with the last name "Schmuck" who decides to go into business for themselves, though.

And onto the festival....

This tall guy was standing on the back porch of the hotel convention as my lady friend and I made our way out of the parking lot. I always wonder if there are people who check in during these horror convention weekends without any prior knowledge that said horror convention is taking place. This guy would be a pretty immediate giveaway, I would imagine.
Here be goths!
This young caucasian male apparently decided to come in blackface. I'm sure that's not his intention, but I've also seen a lot of horror movies and I can't say I recognize this character from any of them...
The entrance to the convention center. Keep an eye on that tall white scary clown guy by the entrance. He'll make a few more appearances.
Pogo the clown!
This is the inside of the horror convention, and a fellow photographer, probably also overwhelmed with sensory input and how to properly capture it.
Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre politely stands and listens in as two of his fellow convention attendees make friends.

I would also like to point out that it was about ninety degrees at this thing. One has to respect someone willing to show up in full costume or black clothing, as the case may be.
A vendor of horror-themed comics, and two members of a sub-culture basking in the rare opportunity to be surrounded entirely by like-minded individuals. And at a Westin hotel!
This is neat. A horror-themed fundraiser. They are holding a private auction today.
Here comes big tall scary pseudo-clown man again. I applaud his bravery; if you fall down in this outfit, you really look extra-foolish. Pogo stilts really up the ante.
A humorous exchange takes place wherein the two individuals wearing the stilts at the convention both try to traverse a doorway at the same instance.

"What are you supposed to be?"
This guy played Jason in the newest Friday the Thirteenth movie.
Speaking of which-even Jason has to wait in line for celebrity autographs. There was a Julian Sands photo opportunity that was shockingly crowded.
A variety of items for sale in the vendor room.
Weird animal people. I have no idea what they were supposed to be.
The last of the hapless animal people moments before seemingly becoming the victim of super big tall scary pseudo-clown man.
This concludes day one. I left out photos of the worst coffee shop in existence that we had the misfortune of attending. In many ways, it was the scariest experience thus far.

This evening my girlfriend and I will be taking a scary tour of the Gettysburg battlefields. Tomorrow I'll have pictures of at least ten different ghosts. And an orb. And ectoplasm. And the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man. You'll see!