Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Something I Will Never Forget

It must be Fall, my Fall flowering clematis is blooming.    Though the opulence of the wedding is behind us, I will forever have some really good memories of it.  I loved the wedding speeches because they show each persons perspective on the people getting married.  The Blog Tech's best friend gave a wonderful speech and said something about my son that I will never forget.  He talked about how The Blog Tech influenced his life and he ended his speech by saying....The thing about The Blog Tech is.....you never just walk down a hallway with him.  You walk down a hallway that has a sloth.  A perfect description of my boy!
 A couple days after the wedding, just before lots of the guests left to go home, I held an impromptu dinner for everyone.  I made lots of stuffed peppers and served them over cacio e pepi.

 Then I made a big pot of bolognese.

 And made a giant lasagna.  Of course, I forgot to take final pics of it all.  Oh, and guess what we had for dessert?  Leftover wedding cookies!