Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Westside Market

The Blog Tech and I journeyed to The Westside Market in Cleveland yesterday.

Though I think they have a lot of the same stuff I can get at home, it is always fun to shop somewhere else.

Their produce is really beautiful.

And if you need a pig head this is the place to go.

They had all sorts of goodies for sale for Christmas.

The Blog Tech likes to stock up on hot sauces from this booth.

I like to stock up on pork products.

This place was on Man vs Food. We didn't try one because we were having lunch at Melt. We should have eaten the gyro.

I bought some fabulous navel oranges. They are giants and they were cheap.

And I stocked up on popcorn. Dill pickle popcorn!!! Two of my favorite things combined.

Dichotomy popcorn. How cool is this? It is both sweet and savory.

And free range eggs. I always have fresh egg envy because I am usually stuck buying my eggs at the grocery store. I am going to whip up a few huge brunches over the holidays with these babies.

I bought a cherry kucken which must be good because it is almost gone and only The Blog Tech and my husband have been eating it.

Vanilla bean lemonade and cherry lemonade.

A bakewell tart and a fern tart. After the holidays I am going to teach myself to bake these.

I had to buy this. They had a sign hanging on the stall advertising Christmas kielbasa.

Apple sausage. If you have never had this and come across it somewhere, try it. It is wonderful stuff.

Breakfast sausages.

This is garlic/chicken sausage.

Some of The Blog Tech's hot sauces.

And this is my new favorite thing. Ground bacon. It is very finely ground and you can use it in so may ways that my head is spinning coming up with new ideas. Meatloaves, hamburgers, as a saute' base for veggies, scrambled eggs........on and on and on.

I bought raclette for our Christmas brunch.

And how cool is this? Homemade eggnog in a glass bottle. I love milk in glass bottles.

Homemade butter.

And last but not least, potato and cheese perogies!