Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Over!

Damn! It is over! Oh well, 364 more days until Halloween.

Teddy in her 'does this cape make my butt look fat' costume.

Here is Teddy on the way to the beach on our trip.

The beaches remind me of the beaches in Ireland.

They are covered with small granite rocks.

Teddy loves it on the beach.

She rolled but it was so fast that I couldn't get a photo.

She loves to run back and forth.

This is the house across the street from us.

This is the back of the house we stayed in. I forgot to take a pic of the front. Next year I will! Notice the wall? I am not naming names but someone had a bit of a mishap with the wall and now we are part owners of the house.

The side gardens.

This house is called The Cable House. You can see that they are growing wisteria on a cable running from the back yard. Here is an explanation for the name:

"The cable will come ashore on Cape Hedge, on the south side of Cape Ann, about two and a half miles from the centre of the town. Near the beach a testing station is being built and is nearly complete. An operator will live there while the testing preliminary to the delivery of the cable to the company is going on, and this may last several weeks... The plans for this station contemplate a modest, but attractive, little structure of one and a half stories, in which provision has been made for the operating-room, Superintendent's office, testing and battery rooms, and work-room."