Saturday, March 2, 2013

NHL Czech Chicken Paprikash with Spaetzel

I made this wonderful dish for the shelter yesterday. This photo is from the last time I made it and used pasta because I forgot to take a picture of yesterday's batch.  I found chicken pieces on sale for 67 cents per pound the other day.  Sixty seven cents for protein is a terrific buy. I am financing this venture on my own so I am really aware of sales these day. Year's ago when Petr Nedved played hockey in the NHL, we were very good friends with he and his family.  One time when his manager was visiting from Calgary, he taught me how to make this dish.  It has been one of my favorites ever since. You can find the recipe here:

I thought that pumpkin yeast bread would be good to go with the paprikash so I made a bunch of it too.  Find the recipe here:

I bought 30 lbs of chicken.

I made 50 quarts of the soup and all of the bread for less than 50 dollars.

And The Blog Tech helped!

For less than 50 dollars I was able to provide 200 bowls of soup and a slice of good homemade bread to that many people.

I made homemade spaetzel instead of using pasta. It is much cheaper and is actually much better too.  This is my well used spaetzel maker.

You place your spaetzel dough in the cup part and then move it back and forth over the holes.  Small pieces drop into the steaming soup and there you have your spaetzel.  When Nedved and Jagr's moms saw me using this device, they totally flipped out.  They had never seen one before. They always tediously cut the spaetzel by hand.  We bought every single spaetzel maker we could find for them to take back to the Czech Republic. It was like reinventing the wheel!

No one at the shelter had ever heard of chicken paprikash before.  But they could not wait to try it.

They all stood around and smelled the pumpkin bread too.

The meal came out to cost about 27 cents per serving.