Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another Fall Trip

 We headed out early for another trip.  We were visiting another pumpkinfest.

 You never know what you might find when you go to these things.  Some of them are wonderful, some not so much.

 This was advertised to be quite a fair.  I guess we should have taken the size of the town into consideration.  What is big for one town is not necessarily big for another.  When we arrived, the fair consisted of about 5 tents and a very small town square.  We had driven about 3 hours to get to it.

 I guess we could have gotten tattoos to make the trip worthwhile.

 Then we found these guys and decided they alone were worth the drive.

 What a cute family.  See the little baby in the back?

 There is her little head peaking over her mama.

 The dad looked at us as if to say...enough photos already!

 The Blog Tech has an ugly witchy side to him.

 The local high school band turned out to play.  One of the few vendors was selling vegetables at really great prices and we bought lots of local apples and apple cider too.  There was not a pumpkin to be found at this pumpkinfest.

The whole drive was up and down through the mountains. Spectacular views everywhere. 

 We stopped in a small town when we saw a sign for fresh apple fritters.  This car pulled in next to us.

 A 1937 Model A in pristine condition.

 Look at the trunk on the back.  It's an actual trunk!

 As we drove closer to home we spied this in front of us.

I just assumed they were on the way to my house to make a delivery.