Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cooking For The Homeless

Because of preparing for my daughter's event, I skipped cooking for the shelter for a whole week.  I knew the guys missed my food so I wanted to make them their favorite dinner upon my return.  They wanted meatloaf, mashed potatoes, gravy and bread.
The Blog Tech and I cooked all day.  We made 8 quarts of gravy.
And 20 + pounds of mashed potatoes
 Since they serve their main meal at lunch, it gets tricky to have everything ready that early in the day.  I decided to make the meatloaves ahead of time and send them to the mission with The Blog Tech and he could cook them there while I made the bread.

 He took them down early the next morning and got them started.  The cook said he would take care of them and sent The Blog Tech home.

These meatloaves weighed almost 25 pounds each.  When I arrived at the shelter, I asked the cook how the meatloaves were coming along.  He said, they don't look as good as they do when you cook them.  OMG...I looked at them and they looked like one of those scenes from a movie when the meal was burned to a crisp with smoke coming out.  I don't know how they managed but the meatloaves looked burned on the outside and were still raw in the middle.  Somehow they managed to finally get them cooked because when The Blog Tech went back to serve the meal, all of it was devoured.
Lesson learned....if you want something done right, do it yourself!