Monday, December 5, 2016

The Tree is Up

 My tree is finally up and almost finished being decorated.

 It's funny how you slow down as you get older.  There were years where I put up a tree in every room in my house including the kitchen and bedrooms.  That was a dozen trees and we cut them all down too.

 Now I put up one and this year it was almost 2 weeks later than usual.

 The startling thing is that my kids put their trees up before I did!  This is the first time that ever happened.

 Of course, I'm still cleaning up from Thanksgiving and cooking for the after school kids takes up lots of time.  It seems like when I'm not cooking, I am grocery shopping.

But at least this one is up and the mantle is done.  Maybe when I get some grandkids, I'll get my Xmas mojo back.