Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Getting Ready For Fall

 The empire biscuits are baked and packed up.  I am at 1411 cookies as of this morning.  I have about 100 more to bake. The cookies are all packed in airtight containers and kept in a cold room.  I never freeze cookies.  I think it alters their consistency.

 I am currently planting mums all over the gardens.  Maybe this will give Mother Nature the hint that it is time for it to cool off a bit.

 Teddy getting one of her daily drinks from the upper pond.

 Click to enlarge.  A new birdhouse.

 A play area under the Weeping Beech.

The re-built  gazebo.

Teddy laying on the cool stones by the fountain.
 And hanging out with her pumpkin pack on the front porch.