Sunday, October 7, 2012

Amish Country

We headed north early on Saturday to visit Amish country.

An Amish barn.

A cow farm.

You have to be careful passing the buggies.

It was a perfect Fall day, gloomy, cool and drizzling.

Pumpkins for sale everywhere.  Click on any photos to enlarge them.

This trip was so much fun.  All the shops were open in the village and almost all the homes had some sort of sale going on.

Pumpkins and cider and mums.

An Amish lawn swing.

I bought lots of apples and fresh eggs from this booth.

Decorations were everywhere.

Two vintage beetles.  The first car I ever owned was one of these.  The floor was rusted out and when I drove through puddles my feet got wet.  It drove like a lawn mower.

People buying pumpkins.

Machines doing machinery things.

A horse drawn firetruck.

An Amish farm.

Teddy liked the goats a lot.

And the "big puppies" (cows).

Nice pumpkin!

There were lots of roadside stands. I bought the last summer tomatoes, more candy onions and a bushel of apples.

The colors are just beginning to show.

The clouds began to break up and show a beautiful blue sky.

Another Amish buggy.

A raccoon hat and straw Amish hats and bonnets for sale.