Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Zoar Tour

The Blog Tech and I headed off very early in the morning yesterday to go to our first Fall festival.  Click on any photos to enlarge for a better look.

It rained the whole way.

It quit raining just as we pulled into town.  The Zoar Store.

The old Zoar Hotel.

This town is simply charming.

Everything is so well preserved.

All of the historic places are numbered and named so you can identify them when you take the walking tour.

If you want to see more of Zoar and know it's history, you can read this post:

Every house has a very well tended garden.

Beautiful grounds everywhere you look.

One thing that makes this town very interesting is that people still own and live in all of the historic homes.

Some are a bit newer.

But many are from the very early 1800's.

The same fencing is used throughout the village and most of it is covered in Concord grape vines.

Even the garages are attractive.  It seems that each home has at least one birdhouse.

Zoar was originally communal so there are buildings devoted to different communal tasks.

Surprisingly, this house is abandoned and sit right in the middle of the village.  I would love to restore it!

Many of the village streets look like this.

The community garden still thrives.

This is the oldest building in Zoar and was the original Meeting House.

An old 'washing machine'.

Most homes have very decorative porches.

A perfect picturesque town to live in.

Too bad it is in the middle of nowhere.  More photos tomorrow of the festival.