Tuesday, April 9, 2013

French Toast Recipe and the Outdoor Sink

 I don't normally make French toast with sliced bread but since this is what I had from the shelter, I used it this time.

I mix eggs with some milk and a bit of vanilla extract.  Then I dip the bread on both sides and let the egg mixture soak in.  I melt some butter on the griddle and place the soaked bread on it.  I sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar then flip it and sprinkle it with more cinnamon sugar.  As the bread cooks, it caramelizes the sugar which makes the bread very flavorful.

 I made about 100 pieces of this.  This is good to make in advance because you can easily warm it up and it still tastes very fresh.

 I used the last of my canned peaches to make a peach sauce to serve with it.  I thickened the peaches and then used my immersion blender to puree it.  I forgot to take a pic of the finished sauce.  I will be delivering all of this in about an hour.

 I saved all of my coffee cans all winter and spray painted them yesterday.  I will show you later what I am doing with them.  I know...I missed a few spots!

 When I started cleaning the outdoor sink, I found that the wood on my shelves had rotted.  Isn't it always something?  So, I had to take it all apart and cut new shelves.  I just gave it a light spray to tone the color down.

 Later today I will scrub the metal down and paint it.  Then I will reassemble the shelves and finish the sink area.

 My trusty helper keeps an eye on my work.

 The sink area is clean and the wire shelves are in place.

The sink won't work until my irrigation guy comes and turns my water on.