Thursday, September 20, 2012


The Blog Tech is on his way to the Florida Keys today.  He will be doing some guest posts while he is there.  A few people asked me to show some of my witch collection so I will do this over the next few days.  This witch weather vane sits on top of my garage.

My antique witch tambourine. I wish I knew the story behind this piece.

Click to enlarge this for a better look.  I bought this very old oil painting of a witch at an auction.  I wish I knew the story behind this too.

This is a very heavy iron witch with her cauldron and black cat.  It is from Germany.

A witch in an antique black frame.

These two are some of my favorites. They are carved from wood.

An old copper pencil holder.

The witches I painted in my garage.

A very rare green witch cup and saucer.

A German paper mache' witch.

A scrimshaw box from Salem, Massachusetts.