Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Trip to the Pumpkin Farm

 On our way home, driving through the countryside, we spied this pumpkin farm.  Can you hear my wheels squealing as I made the hard right into the farm?

 This flatbed was just pulling up with a load of giant pumpkins.

 Someone had fun painting bales of hay.

 It was so cute how they decorated all of the farm buildings.

 Look at these babies!

 Ornamental cabbages for sale.

 Hayrides offered on the weekends.

 Even the carts were pumpkin colored.

 The Blog Tech was a good sport once again.

 There was a petting zoo too.

 I maaaaed to these guys and they came right up to get petted.

 There was a corn maze but it looked like stink bug land to me so we stayed on the outside.

 The Blog Techs sister was a good sport too.  I can't believe my kids still enjoy doing this stuff with me.  We had so much fun on this trip.


 This was also one of the tidiest farms I have ever seen.  Everything was arranged perfectly.

 Lots of apples and the best unpasteurized apple cider.  It tasted just like the kind we used to drink when I was little.  I find the pasteurized to be undrinkable.

This nice old John Deere wagon sat right out front.  It made for a perfect Fall day!